5 Quick Tips to Create a Great Last Minute Black Friday Deal

I was asked recently my best advice for last-minute Black Friday deals. Not in finding deals, but in creating them.

Maybe Thanksgiving kind of snuck up on you, and you realized as you were out buying your turkey that you totally spaced prepping anything for Black Friday. Or Small Business Saturday. Or Cyber Monday. Or Giving Tuesday.

It’s ok. You’re not alone.

Here are 5 quick tips to help you create a great last minute deal, boosting your holiday sales.

Pay attention to your customers.

Is there something your customers tell you they love? Something they always buy together? Something they keep asking you about?
Listen! Give the people what they want!

Don’t try to be too cute with copy

Your copy and captions will make or break your holiday sales. (And your year-round sales.) If you’re trying to be too clever, you’ll create confusion. Confused customers don’t buy. They run away.

Be clear first, clever second.

Nurture your current customers

Send out an email to your current mailing list. Post on your own social media channels. Take care of those who have already purchased from you. THEN reach out to potential customers.

Hot tip: It’s too late to run a really effective ad, unless you’ve already got it ready. If you’re scrambling for a last minute Black Friday deal, connect with an influencer or affinity group instead of hoping an ad will do the trick.

Be ready to promote after the sale

Pay attention to who buys from you this weekend. They’re your ideal customer. Pay attention to who they are, what they love, and how they buy from you. Then use this information going into the New Year to define your ideal customer. Knowing who they are will help you refine your copy and your message.

Check your analytics BEFORE the weekend

Don’t get to the other side of Black Friday and realize you forgot to install Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel. Take 5 minutes and go get those set up NOW.

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