Free Resources for blogs and website (2020 Update)

A few years ago I wrote a post about free resources for your blog and website. Here’s an updated list of free resources for 2020. Finding resources for your site is hard. Finding good resources that are free is even harder. Never fear! We’ve rounded up our current favorite resources for free images and video […]

Wash your hands. And update your site.

This morning I woke up to an email from a former client that their site was down. Talk about a rough start to a Monday. As I dug into the issue, I quickly discovered that the site had been victim to a brute force attack. Hits on the site had increased 100x overnight. While we […]

How to come up with blog post ideas

Let’s talk today about writing, shall we? Super meta, I know. And yes, I know that’s not even a thing kids are saying these days, but I’m going to go with it. One of the things I coach clients on all the time is the importance of writing blog posts. Blog posts are important! Here’s […]

What a Fear-Based Facebook Post Taught Me About Compassion

I saw an awful post on Facebook recently, and I can’t stop thinking about it. And yes, I’m going to show you because I feel it’s important to the discussion to understand the context. This image was shared by someone I love dearly. She is kind and loving and would never hurt anyone intentionally. But […]

What to do when social media stops working

Here’s my plea on this FB/Insta-Outage Day: Make social media part of your digital strategy, but please don’t let it be the only part of your digital strategy. Use social media as a place to listen and a place to foster relationships. Don’t look at social media as your only online presence.

You’ll survive the outage days much better.

Reminder: Social Media Is A Reflection Of Your Character

I’m a basketball fan. I have an intense love of the game. I love everything about it. I love watching, I love playing, I love analyzing, I love strategizing, I love the competition. Basketball is one of my many happy places. I was at a basketball game last week. It was an important one to […]

My little love affair with Dubsado

I’m a solo entrepreneur. For years and years it’s been just me. I’ve pulled in help on occasion (and have recently hired an awesome VA – that’s a transition I’m still figuring out!) but really, Merket Creative is me, Roxanne. I love it. Of course I’m working on growing and increasing the impact my business […]

Imposter Syndrome vs Grace

Business owners are hard on themselves. And that’s to be expected – we have high expectations and we always fall short, because there’s always one more thing we could have done. Motherhood is the same. We do one wrong thing – yell in frustration, don’t get the dishes done, or even just not shower – […]

Rudy Gobert and the Importance of Emotion

Rudy Gobert got snubbed. Jazz fans know it, but this isn’t a discussion on snubs. This is a discussion on the kind of men we need in our world. Rudy was visibly disappointed. He deserves to be. And he got emotional. This is fabulous. It’s vulnerable. Rudy showed us what he was truly feeling. He […]