Let’s talk today about writing, shall we?

Super meta, I know. And yes, I know that’s not even a thing kids are saying these days, but I’m going to go with it.

One of the things I coach clients on all the time is the importance of writing blog posts.

Blog posts are important!

Here’s why:

One post can produce a weeks worth of social media posts and a small snippet for your newsletter on top of being a great piece of content for your website.

And great pieces of content are even better for SEO.

Blogs tell google that you’re consistently adding relevant and useful information to your website. It’s not an old site you built in 2001 with flash so you could “have a website.” It’s a relevant, useful place for visitors to find the information they need.

And you’re constantly adding to it every time you blog.

You’re adding value in the form of great content when you blog.

So if you’re not already blogging, START BLOGGING.

Ok, now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about WHAT you should be blogging about.

Your brand, your business, and your key topics.

Every business is a brand. Every brand has the same 3-4 general topics they talk about over and over again.

What are those topics for your business? (Or, if you’re an individual artist or actor or musician, what are the things you talk about all the time?)

Maybe it’s food, exercise, and mindfulness.

Maybe it’s new music, current music, and inspiration.

Maybe it’s voiceover work, acting, and directing.

See how general those topics are?

What are yours?

Ready for the hard work?

Turn on your favorite music.

Burn your favorite candle.

Grab your favorite daytime drink.

Now, take a sheet of paper and create a column for each of your topics.

*You should NOT have more than 5. If you can keep it to 3-4 you’re in great shape.

List every question you get asked or every soap box you get on for each of those topics.

Here’s an example: If my topic is pineapples, a list of questions could be:

(All of these questions were sourced from a great resource called Answer the Public.)

I suggest writing everything you can think of FIRST, then going to a resource like Answer the Public.

Then, do that again for your second topic, and your third.

Spend 20-30 minutes writing everything you can think of, no matter how crazy it seems.

You did it!

You just sourced tens, or even hundreds of blog post ideas.

See? Not too hard, was it?

Answer questions.

If you’re ever hard-pressed for what to blog about, answer questions.

Keep a google doc or note of all the questions you see on facebook that you could answer.

Pay attention to what questions come up when you’re talking to clients.

I promise you, if you see a question, there are more people who are too afraid to ask the same thing.

Pay attention. Blog.

You’ve got this.

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