What is digital marketing?

One of the questions I get from new business owners (or even experienced business owners who are ready to branch out) is “What is digital marketing?”

It’s a great question, and a fair one too.

Here’s the simplest explanation: Digital Marketing is any marketing that happens ONLINE or ON AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE.

Email marketing? Yep. That’s digital marketing.

Social media? Also digital marketing.

Google ads? Facebook ads? Apps? Websites?

It’s all digital marketing.

And digital marketing matters to your business, too…

Why? Because we’re always online. Americans spend nearly 24 hours a week online. Which doesn’t seem like a lot until you think about it.

That’s an entire DAY per week we’re online. We don’t even spend entire days AWAKE.

24 hours a day is an average of nearly 3.5 hours PER DAY online.

Half a work day.

See why your online presence matters? Where else can you connect with your customers this often?

But I’m [a small business/a solopreneur/a local boutique/insert excuse here] – I don’t really need a digital strategy, do I?

Let’s skip the hyperbole.

Yes, you need a digital strategy. If you connect with your customers online in any way (email newsletter, social media, or a single page website … AND YOU SHOULD BE DOING THIS) you need a digital strategy.

So, I want to know this: what questions do you have about digital marketing and strategy? Leave me a comment below!


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